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How to remove blue tick in Whatsapp

How to remove blue tick in Whatsapp

As everyone know about Whatsapp,which is the best Mobile phones messenger being used by more than 500 million active users.

By using this trick “How to remove blue tick in Whatsapp” you will be able to read sender texts,listen voice notes,watch videos without knowing the sender.

So first of all i am going to tell you what are Blue ticks in Whatsapp messenger.

Recent update by Facebook they introduced this feature.It means the person (Receiver) has seen your message.

For understanding more about blue ticks you can see image given below;

How to remove blue tick in Whatsapp

If you don’t want that other person to know you have read their messages and you are still not replaying after reading.You can do it by following simple steps which are given below:

1-) Switch off your data connection or wifi.

2-) Read all your messages,watch videos,listen voice notes.

3-) After reading all messages close your whatsapp application.

4-) Switch on your data connection (If you want).

Hurrah! You have seen all messages without letting them know.You can also use this useful trick if you don’t want to update your last seen to current time.You have learned How to remove blue tick in Whatsapp.

Stay updated for more secret tricks and tips about Whatsapp. 🙂

Learn How to create a Facebook account

Learn How to create a Facebook account

Now a days almost everyone knows about Facebook , It’s on number on in all Social Media Websites.

Facebook founded date is February 4, 2004.

Founded by Six (6) Persons Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Chris Hughes.

Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, California.

First of all i’m going to tell you about facebook features before telling you about “Learn How to create a Facebook account“.

Facebook  features:

1-) You can add 5000 friends in your Facebook friends list , i think it’s too much enough 🙂

2-) You can upload/share videos.

3-) You can tell your all friends list what’s new by posting a post on your timeline.

4-) You can upload/share images.

5-) Appriciateable privacy options.

6-) You can create a facebook fan page by using Facebook account. etc


ehmm Now guys read carefully i’m going to start the our main topic “Learn How to create a Facebook account“.

Goto facebook official website click here

Now you will see some boxes fill all boxes , eg fill up your first name , last name , email and password , after filling all blank boxes click on create an account.


facebook signup

That’t is , enjoy and keep visiting for appriciateable articles. 🙂


How to remove Skype history and cookies

How to remove Skype history and cookies

If you are at such crowded place , like in office , joint family home etc , and you want to clear your Skype history and cookies every hour/day (as you like) for your security.

I’m going to tell you how you can clear your skype history and cookies , So follow some easy steps which are given below. 🙂


1-) Sign in your Skype account in Skype Messneger.

2-) Now Move your cursor on “Tools” and left click on “Tools” , now you need to click on “Options”.


how to clear skype history

3-) After clicking on Tools>Option you will see the menu give below , Now left click on “Privacy”.


skype logo


4-) Now see “Keep history for” select the forever and left click on Clear history.Your all history will be cleared , and your Skype Home will be unavailable.


skype emotions

5-) Left click on “Clear skype cookies” too , After clicking on this your Skype Cookies will be cleared.

Now click on “save” and enjoy safe and secure Skype Messenger.I hope you have learned about “How to clear History and cookies in Skype Messneger” , After that noone can access your personal data , Let your Skype is hacked , If you have clear your Skype history and cookies , Hackers really can’t access your any Skype personal data. 😀

Learn how to create Twitter account

Learn how to create Twitter account

Almost all guys knows about Twitter , its very famous social media website founded date is March 21, 2006. Twitter is very useful for make group messages , If you want to send a message to many peoples by sending one message on twitter you can use Twitter on your mobile phone number. It’s called tweet.You can send tweet of 140-character.Your all followers will get your tweet in few seconds, There are different codes for all countries if you are using Twitter on your number , e.g in Pakistan twitter code is “40404”. Now I’m telling you about Twitter Founders and locations of Twitter Headquarters.

Founders: Evan Williams, Noah Glass, Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone.

Headquarters: San Francisco, California, United States.

Read it carefully guys Now I’m going to tell you “How to create ID/account” step by step.

1-) Goto

2-) Type in Google search box “Signup for twitter“.

twitter signup

3-) Now click on first link.

signup for twitter


4-) The Twitter official website will be open, Fill up the all blank boxes.after that click on Signup.


twitter free account


5-) Now it will ask for your Mobile number , enter mobile phone number and left click on “Next”.


twitter free id

6-) Now you need to verify your mobile number , enter the code in “Verification code” box.


twitter verify


7-) After entering the Verification code , click on “Verify”. that’s it you have created your brand new Twitter account.

After that it will ask for username like @ARxalkhan , if @ARxalkhan is not available it will also give suggestions like @ARxalkhan123 , @ARxalkhan7647 blah blah.

After selection the username you can say to your all friends to follow you by giving your Twitter username.

If your friends want to get your tweets on their Mobile phone , Say them  “Goto your write message option and type “Follow @TriXsZone and send it to 40404.

I hope you have learned “How to create a Twitter account. 😉


How to create a free Skype Account

How to create a free Skype Account

If you are new in Skype , and you don’t know how to create Skype account free of cost.

I’ll tell you all about New Skype Account creation , we can’t ignore that skype is on #1 for make free audio and video calls.You can make free  audio and video calls through Skype Messenger , The Use of Skype messenger is so easy.

Be ready guys and read it carefully step by step , By help of  this article everyone can create free skype account even he/she has not used skype before. 🙂

First of all open in any browser and type in google search box “Skype Signup


skype signup

Now hit enter or left click on search symbol , you will see many sites will be appear , you should click on Signup for a Skype account.


skype signup free


If you are worrying about this process you can signup Skype by Clicking here

It will take to Skype official website , Now you will see They will ask for First and last name , date of birth , Gender , Country , City , language , Mobile number , password , Skype name blah blah 😛


skype signup for free


Now you need to fill up the all blank boxes.



Now you need to tick on by SMS or by Mail , For Verification of your Skype account you can choose anyone option , i’m choosing By mail and ticking on By mail option , Below this option they are asking for captcha for security , you need to fill the correct text in given box.

After that click on I Agree – Continue.


skype setup

That’s it, i hope all of you guys have understand How to create Skype account by easy steps. 🙂

How to use Skype Messenger Download and install

How to use Skype Messenger Download and install

Almost everyone knows about skype now a days , its being famous day by day, the reason behind its mostly usage is the features that Skype providing.So first i want to tell you about Skype features.

Skype messenger features:

1-) Video calling.

2-) Voice calling.

3-) Providing the facility to send and recieve files.

4-) Screen share option.

5-) Group calling , in group calling you can add many peoples which are already in your friends in one call.

6-) Phones call , You can call to any mobile phone of any country by buying credit.

Now i’m going to tell you How to download skype messenger?

Just follow some easy steps.

Goto and type Skype free download for desktop.

skype basic

Now hit enter or left click on search icon.

skype free download

Now many sites will be appear you can download Skype messenger from any link, but i’m clicking on first link.

skype free download

Now the page  will be load and it will give option to Get skype for Windows desktop.

Just click on Get skype for Windows desktop.


After few seconds you will see it will give option for download Skype messenger setup , If you have IDM (Internet download messenger) click on download , if you have not click on save.


When The skype setup will be download , click on open , Now you can install it easily.

After complete the Installation you will open Skype shortcut , which will be automatically create on your desktop.


Now you need to enter Your Skype name and then it will ask for username and password.

If you have Microsoft account click on Microsoft account.


After that click on Signin and enjoy Skype with its awesome features. 🙂

Safe Computing Tips

Safe Computing Tips – The top 10 Safe Computing Tips to keep yourself online safe, in this way you can protect your system and data online.

Patch, Patch, PATCH!

Set up your PC for customized programming and working structure redesigns. An unpatched machine is more disposed to have programming vulnerabilities that can be abused.

Present guarded programming.

Sophos is available as a free download for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux from IS&T’s item page. Exactly when presented, the item should be set to yield your records and overhaul your contamination definitions constantly.

Pick strong passwords.

Pick strong passwords with letters, numbers, and outstanding characters to make a mental picture or an acronym that is straightforward for you to recall. Make an other mystery key for each fundamental record, and change passwords reliably.

Support, Backup, BACKUP!

Going down your machine as often as possible can shield you from the unanticipated. Keep a few months of fortifications and check the records can be recuperated if fundamental. Take in additional about TSM and how to fortification your system.

Control access to your machine.

Do whatever it takes not to leave your PC in an unsecured area, or unattended and marked on, especially with no attempt at being subtle spots – including Athena gatherings and Quick stations. The physical security of your machine is by and large as crucial as its specific security.

Usage email and the Internet safely.

Neglect unconstrained messages, and be watchful about associations, associations and structures in messages that start from people you don’t have the foggiest thought, or which show up “phishy.” Avoid scheming (consistently free) downloads from freeware or shareware destinations. Take in additional about spam filtering.

Use secure affiliations.

Exactly when joined with the Internet, your data can be feeble while in travel. Use remote mix and secure record trade decisions when off grounds.

Guarantee sensitive data.

Decrease the peril of wholesale misrepresentation. Safely remove tricky data records from your hard drive, which is in like manner proposed when reusing or re-purposing your PC. Use the encryption gadgets consolidated with your working structure to guarantee sensitive records you need to hold.

Use desktop firewalls.

Macintosh and Windows PCs have crucial desktop firewalls as an element of their working systems. Right when set up honestly, these firewalls shield your PC records from being checked.

Most importantly, stay taught.

Stay current with the latest progressions for Windows, Macintosh Linux, and Unix systems. IS&T gives a news page and we endorse that those captivated subscribe to the IS&T Security-FYI electronic leaflet.

These are the Main 10 Safe Computing Tips for you.

Safe Computing Tips

Security Tips to Protect Yourself Online from Strangers

Security Tips to Protect Yourself Online from Strangers – In this way you can easily Protect yourself online from strangers.

Try also your genuine name, date of conception, private area, or anything with respect to your sexual orientation.

Maintain a strategic distance from to visit private talk rooms.

At whatever point you pick an online visit room, you ought to be cautious about the name of talk room. Keep yourself constrained to talk rooms made by the online administration, inspite of ‘part made’ rooms.

Try not to utilize indecent and damaging dialect in the talk rooms being forceful.

When you begin talk routinely with somebody, you ought to tell your guardian or any relative.

Never forget, you ought to be in control. On the off chance that a discussion drives you to obscenity or make you feel uncomfortable, then leave the visit room promptly without belligerence with the other individual.

Never at any point plan to joint with the outsider or companion you simply made in visit room meet until and unless you tell a guardian or senior sibling/sister so they would run with you.

Try not to consider Internet companions simply like your ‘genuine living’ companions. They can never be similar to them regardless.

Never tap on connections or destinations which appear to be bizarre to you.

Never post your own photo or send anybody by means of email, not even somebody demands you much.

Never impart your watchword to anybody and verify it’s something just you ought to know.

Try not to trouble in the event that somebody is attempting make squabbles or began utilizing slang dialect. Never be a piece of unscrupulous issues.

You have to take after these straightforward tenets to Protect Yourself from Strangers Online.

Tips to Protect