How to use Skype Messenger Download and install

How to use Skype Messenger Download and install

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How to use Skype Messenger Download and install

Almost everyone knows about skype now a days , its being famous day by day, the reason behind its mostly usage is the features that Skype providing.So first i want to tell you about Skype features.

Skype messenger features:

1-) Video calling.

2-) Voice calling.

3-) Providing the facility to send and recieve files.

4-) Screen share option.

5-) Group calling , in group calling you can add many peoples which are already in your friends in one call.

6-) Phones call , You can call to any mobile phone of any country by buying credit.

Now i’m going to tell you How to download skype messenger?

Just follow some easy steps.

Goto and type Skype free download for desktop.

skype basic

Now hit enter or left click on search icon.

skype free download

Now many sites will be appear you can download Skype messenger from any link, but i’m clicking on first link.

skype free download

Now the page  will be load and it will give option to Get skype for Windows desktop.

Just click on Get skype for Windows desktop.


After few seconds you will see it will give option for download Skype messenger setup , If you have IDM (Internet download messenger) click on download , if you have not click on save.


When The skype setup will be download , click on open , Now you can install it easily.

After complete the Installation you will open Skype shortcut , which will be automatically create on your desktop.


Now you need to enter Your Skype name and then it will ask for username and password.

If you have Microsoft account click on Microsoft account.


After that click on Signin and enjoy Skype with its awesome features. 🙂