Sometimes many peoples asks for same Question.

So this page all about Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

  • What is GupShup Corner?

GupShup Corner is free Pakistani Online Chat Room.It’s multi purpose Website, You can download HD wallpapers,girls DP’s,Facebook covers,Send free SMS to all Pakistan,Read best Urdu Poetry,Poems etc.

  • How to Use GupShup Corner?

The Use of GupShup Corner is very simple and easy.Our web is very friendly to all devices like Desktop,tab,Mobile,laptop.You can use it from any device.

  • How to Enter Chat Room?

There is a green box, It’s GupShup Corner Chat Room. You just need to enter your decent nick in blank box & hit enter.After in few seconds Chat Room will be open.

  • How to Listen GupShup Corner Web radio?

There are two GupShup Corner Live Web Radio’s at Chat Room pages, and One have other pages.radio is not auto play which is on the Chat Room, second radio is auto play.You can use any of them.If you want to listen just click on play symbol, If you don’t want click on pause symbol.

  • How to Apply for Rj/Dj at GupShup Corner live Web Radio?

If you think you have awesome voice & hell confidence to entertain. You can apply for RJ by filling forum.Click here to fill the forum.All blank boxes must be filled.We will contact with you in few working days.

  • How do i register my nick in Chat Room?

You can register your nick name by using a simple command just type /ns register yourpassword yourmail e.g /ns register arxal123 [email protected] and hit enter. Woah! Your nick has been register now you need to type /login <yourpasswordhere> after joining every time. Example /login arxal123

  • What’s the benefit of Register a nick in Chat Room?

You can use some extra features after register a nick & one more thing which is more important no one can use your nick.

  • Does it cost anything to chat in this Online Chat Room?

Not at all, Our all chat rooms are free of cost.

  • How i do change my nick in chat room & colors?

If you want to change your nick during chat you can use this command /nick newnick and hit enter. For example i joined with the nick of ARxal now i want to change my nick i will use /nick Evil hit enter. Now my nick change to Evil from ARxal.

May you would like to visit GupShup Corner Terms & Conditions.