Mibbit IRC Commands

Mibbit IRC Commands

It’s all about Mibbit IRC Commands. You can learn about Our Chat Room Commands from basic to advance by reading this article carefully.


There are some Questions and Their Answers.

  • How to Kick a  user?

You can kick any user by typing  ” /kick <nick> ” On main Chat after that hit Enter.

Example: /kick Mahi

  • How to Ban a User?

You can ban a User by typing /kickban <nick> On Main Chat, If he/she present in the chat room. If he/she left you can see the IP address for the nick by using    /whowas <nick>

Example: /whowas haider hit enter his IP will be show, even he is not in the chat room.

Screenshot_7You just need to copy IP address in red area and after that use /ban <IP>.

Example: /ban [email protected]     and hit enter.


You can see in above picture Now haider IP is banned.

  • How to add in Akick?

Akick stands for Auto Kick. It’s means If you add the IP address of user in Akick he/she will be auto kicked from Chat Room when He/she will JOIN.

Just follow the Command /cs akick #channel add IP/Nick

Example: /cs akick #gupshupcorner add [email protected]

Mibbit IRC CommandsYou can see in above picture. If you want to see akick list just type .akick list on main than hit enter.


All list will be show to you now you can simply remove any IP from Akick list by typing /cs akick #channel del IP

Example: /cs akick #gupshupcorner del [email protected]     it will be remove from Akick list.

  • How to set Topic in Chat Room?

Any Admin or Operator can set topic in Chat Room by typing /topic <text>

Example: /topic Welcome to GupShupCorner.net. The best place for decent chit chat with radio.

  • How to See User IP address?

Use /whois <nick> if he/she is in the chat room. If he/she left use /whowas <nick>

Example: /whois Kabir    /whowas zintay

  • How to Unban a User?

Just look the user IP and type /unban IP


You should must visit on FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for more help.