How to create a free Skype Account

How to create a free Skype Account

If you are new in Skype , and you don’t know how to create Skype account free of cost.

I’ll tell you all about New Skype Account creation , we can’t ignore that skype is on #1 for make free audio and video calls.You can make free  audio and video calls through Skype Messenger , The Use of Skype messenger is so easy.

Be ready guys and read it carefully step by step , By help of  this article everyone can create free skype account even he/she has not used skype before. 🙂

First of all open in any browser and type in google search box “Skype Signup


skype signup

Now hit enter or left click on search symbol , you will see many sites will be appear , you should click on Signup for a Skype account.


skype signup free


If you are worrying about this process you can signup Skype by Clicking here

It will take to Skype official website , Now you will see They will ask for First and last name , date of birth , Gender , Country , City , language , Mobile number , password , Skype name blah blah 😛


skype signup for free


Now you need to fill up the all blank boxes.



Now you need to tick on by SMS or by Mail , For Verification of your Skype account you can choose anyone option , i’m choosing By mail and ticking on By mail option , Below this option they are asking for captcha for security , you need to fill the correct text in given box.

After that click on I Agree – Continue.


skype setup

That’s it, i hope all of you guys have understand How to create Skype account by easy steps. 🙂


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