How to remove blue tick in Whatsapp

How to remove blue tick in Whatsapp

As everyone know about Whatsapp,which is the best Mobile phones messenger being used by more than 500 million active users.

By using this trick “How to remove blue tick in Whatsapp” you will be able to read sender texts,listen voice notes,watch videos without knowing the sender.

So first of all i am going to tell you what are Blue ticks in Whatsapp messenger.

Recent update by Facebook they introduced this feature.It means the person (Receiver) has seen your message.

For understanding more about blue ticks you can see image given below;

How to remove blue tick in Whatsapp

If you don’t want that other person to know you have read their messages and you are still not replaying after reading.You can do it by following simple steps which are given below:

1-) Switch off your data connection or wifi.

2-) Read all your messages,watch videos,listen voice notes.

3-) After reading all messages close your whatsapp application.

4-) Switch on your data connection (If you want).

Hurrah! You have seen all messages without letting them know.You can also use this useful trick if you don’t want to update your last seen to current time.You have learned How to remove blue tick in Whatsapp.

Stay updated for more secret tricks and tips about Whatsapp. 🙂


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