How to remove Skype history and cookies

How to remove Skype history and cookies

If you are at such crowded place , like in office , joint family home etc , and you want to clear your Skype history and cookies every hour/day (as you like) for your security.

I’m going to tell you how you can clear your skype history and cookies , So follow some easy steps which are given below. 🙂


1-) Sign in your Skype account in Skype Messneger.

2-) Now Move your cursor on “Tools” and left click on “Tools” , now you need to click on “Options”.


how to clear skype history

3-) After clicking on Tools>Option you will see the menu give below , Now left click on “Privacy”.


skype logo


4-) Now see “Keep history for” select the forever and left click on Clear history.Your all history will be cleared , and your Skype Home will be unavailable.


skype emotions

5-) Left click on “Clear skype cookies” too , After clicking on this your Skype Cookies will be cleared.

Now click on “save” and enjoy safe and secure Skype Messenger.I hope you have learned about “How to clear History and cookies in Skype Messneger” , After that noone can access your personal data , Let your Skype is hacked , If you have clear your Skype history and cookies , Hackers really can’t access your any Skype personal data. 😀


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