Bohot he naraz hain tum se

Bohot he naraz hain tum se

break up 2


Suno! Hum Naraz Hain Tum se,
Bohat Naraz Hain Tum se,
Bohat Majboor ho Na Tum ?
Bohat Masroof ho Na Tum ?
Hamein tou Yaad karnay ka,
WaQt Barbaad karnay ka,
Tumhein tou waQt he Kab hai ?
Na Tum ko Yaad Aatay hain,
Tumhein na Hum Satatay hain,
Par Ab tou Muaaf Rakhna Tum,
Hamein na Yaad karna Tum,
Na Tum ko Yaad aayen Gay,
Na Tum ko Yoon satayen gay,
Par Jab Tum Hum ko Bulao Gay,
Hum se Milnay Aao Gay,
Tou Hum b Tumko Bata Dein Gay,
Bohat Majboor Hain Hum B,
Hamein B Kaam Hain Kitnay,
Hamein Na He Bulao Tum,
Na Hum Ko yaad Aao Tum,
K Hum Naraz Hain Tum se,
Bohat he Naraz Hain tum se.. !!


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